Wedding Traditions in Germany

Interesting Wedding Traditions and Customs in Germany

The Germans respect and honor their ancient traditions and rituals, follow them for centuries, and make sure that the details are not forgotten. Therefore, if you are going to have a wedding in Germany, you must know about the most popular customs and be interested in this topic, in general.

Wedding Attire German Brides Choose

What Dresses Do German Brides Choose?

An old proverb says that if you get married in May, you will be unhappy in your marriage. But the Germans do not think so. In Germany, every year people celebrate around 400 thousand weddings. And the most "productive" months are May and June.

Bachelorette Party in Germany

Bachelorette Party in Germany or How to Prepare for the Wedding?

A dream of a beautiful bachelorette party often become reality due to the help of the bride’s friends. Even after months, the emotions stay with the bride because this event is very special in her life!

German Brides Trust Magazines with Wedding Planning

All Stages of German Wedding

German Wedding: Trends and Problems

German Wedding Trends of 2019

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